Hi I started playing the drums when I was 8 I grabbed my nans knitting needles and sort of found I could keep a rhythm. I then I joined Swindon young musicians and played the timps but deep down I wanted to play drums. Then I started to have proper drum lessons, this was a turning point for me as I learned how to read drum music and started doing para diddles etc then I had advanced drum lessons by a guy called Nigel Morris - an amazing drum teacher.

I joined a few rock and pop bands in my teens, it was great fun. My idol was Buddy Rich who I saw live in oxford theatre just an amazing drummer who gave me loads of enthusiasm. My favourite band is level 42, Mark King on bass who is just amazing.

So let’s talk about Bandantree - it all started with a message from a colleague who is not with the band anymore saying how did I fancy starting a party band I laughed but he was serious, and so we started advertising, the rest is history!

The men and women of bandantree are amazing, Karl Prince on lead and rhythm guitar what a perfectionist and an amazing player who is always to my left and my wing man. My other wing man, to my right - Matt Swancott - We call him Sparky, he can tell you why! A solid bass player just fantastic musician and a lovely guy, Paul Jones the sound guy and amazing keyboard player what doesn’t he know about anything? and Clive keyboards and lead singer just an amazing singer and a lovely guy who really gets the audience engaged and the latest member Sandy Ellis an amazing woman and wonderful saxophonist and flute player and always smiling.

These people combined make Bandantree what it is, no big egos just great people playing great music with high energy ENJOY