Paul Jones - Keyboards/Sound Engineer

I grew up with a very practical father who had a love for music and everything related to audio and vision. There was also a huge interest in all things mechanical.

This led to me spending my childhood around musicians and DJ's and all of the associated equipment that went with them. Naturally I followed the path into electronics, becoming an engineer specialising in TV, Video, Audio and now Medical Electronics. This has led to an extensive background in fixing pretty much anything electro-mechanical!

Growing up in a musical environment also gave me a keen interest in playing the piano and keyboards but I only ever did this as a hobby.

I met the band members in the middle of 2016 and was made to feel immediately welcome and was struck by their dedicated, yet fun approach to their musical performance, which made my decision effortless when they asked me to come on board.

The fun and enjoyment in every performance results in an engaging experience for the audience who immediately pick up on the happy vibe, so let Bandantree make your event shine!