Karl Prince - Rhythm/Lead guitarist

I've been playing guitar for many years, even tinkering with it as a child attempting to play the latest riffs! Even now, there is nothing I love to do more than jam on my guitar after a busy day at work.

I have always felt like I needed more of a challenge. As the years have gone by I have been taking it more and more seriously, but my lack of purpose when learning and playing songs left me searching for the next step. I needed a reason to master the guitar and that's when my journey with Bandantree began!

I answered an Ad for a guitarist on a website that allowed you to meet many different musicians within the local area. That was how I met the rest of the band. I saw the same passion and drive in their faces that showed in my own.

We're not just a band. We're fellow musicians, a team and above all a family! Every gig I am privileged to play at is a dream come true.